New Holland Tractor Price List India 2022

New Holland Tractor Upcoming Models in India in the Year 2022 – Details And Specs at one Place: a blog about upcoming models from New Holland Tractor between 2021-2022.

The New Holland Tractor prices are very reasonable and fit in the budget of every farmer, who wishes to buy a new tractor for his farm operations. These tractors come with several features such as powerful engines, comfortable driving experience, low maintenance cost, etc.

New Holland tractor price starts from ₹ 4.20 Lakh to ₹ 21.60 Lakh and its most expensive tractor is New Holland T6.145 which is priced at ₹ 21.60 Lakh. New Holland Tractors offers tractors between 35 HP to 90 HP range.

New Holland Tractor Price List India 2022

New Holland Tractor Price List India 2022: a blog about different tractors along with prices and features.

New Holland TD5.90 Tractor Rs. 4 Lakh (Approx)
 New Holland EXCEL 9010 Tractor Rs. 6 Lakh
 New Holland EXCEL 8010 Tractor Rs. 6 Lakh
 New Holland 7500 TURBO SUPER Tractor Rs. 3 Lakh (Approx)
 New Holland EXCEL 6010 Tractor Rs. 6 Lakh
 New Holland 5500 TURBO SUPER Tractor Rs. 10.35 Lakh
 New Holland 4710 Tractor Rs. 9.77 Lakh
New Holland  4710  2WD With Canopy Tractor Rs. 8.31 Lakh
 New Holland 4510 Tractor Rs. 6.90 Lakh
 New Holland 4010 Tractor Rs. 6.40 Lakh
 New Holland 3630 TX PL US+ Tractor  Rs. 6 Lakh
New Holland 3630 TX SUPER Tractor Rs. 8.85 Lakh
 New Holland 3600-2 TX Tractor Rs. 8.40 Lakh
 New Holland 3510 Tractor Rs. 6.12 Lakh
 New Holland 3230 Tractor Rs. 6.72 Lakh
 New Holland 3037 Tractor Rs. 6.24 Lakh
 New Holland 3032 Tractor Rs. 5.76 La
New Holland Tractor Price List India 2022

New Holland 35-75 HP Tractor Models

New Holland Tractor Price List

New Holland 35 HP tractor is the most fuel-efficient tractor in its category. The powerful engine of New Holland 35 HP tractors has a rated RPM of 2100 that delivers high power output ensuring better performance. The robust structure makes it best for all sorts of farm operations. Its strong lifting capacity helps it to perform various applications like Rotavator, Cultivator, Harrow, Plough and more. New Holland offers 35 HP tractors in multiple models with different colour options.

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