What’s Wrong If The ABS Light Is On?

The ABS is one of the systems in your car that is responsible for keeping you safe and in control of your vehicle in case of emergency due to heavy braking. The first symptom of a problem with the ABS system is that the ABS light will come on, either intermittently or permanently.

What Does The ABS Light Mean?

The ABS light indicates an issue somewhere within the Anti-lock Braking System. As a result, your car’s brakes will still work as they normally do, but without the assistance of the ABS system.

Because this is a safety feature, it’s important to get your car checked out as soon as possible if you notice that the ABS light has come on.

Why is My ABS Light On?

The ABS light is your car’s way of telling you that it needs attention. The light will come on when the system detects a problem with one of the components that make up the ABS. When this happens, the ABS automatically turns off to prevent damage and help reduce your risk of an accident until a mechanic can determine the cause of the issue. The light may come on and stay on, or it may flash in time with the rhythm of your vehicle’s engine. If your ABS light comes on, have a mechanic check out the system for you.

What Does the ABS System Do?

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. It is designed to improve control and stability by preventing wheel lockup during sudden braking situations. When you apply heavy braking pressure, such as when you need to stop quickly to avoid an accident, each wheel will begin to slow down at different speeds. If one wheel slows down faster than another, it can cause a skid when that wheel locks up and stops moving completely while other wheels continue rotating. Skidding can lead to loss of control and accidents.

Diagnosing the exact cause of an ABS light coming on your dash requires a scan tool. An automotive diagnostic scanner is an important tool for any DIY mechanic as it allows you to find out exactly why your check engine light is on, or why your ABS light is on.

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The best way to avoid car breakdowns is to give your car for periodic service and checks. Follow the car service and maintenance schedule suggested by the manufacturer. If you have bought a used car, then ask the seller about the maintenance history of the car. Follow for more...

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